Kate Ward
April 07, 2010 AT 10:13 PM EDT

Oh, Simon Fuller. How you teased us. I sat through Alex Lambert’s entire first episode of If I Can Dream, only for the musician to turn up in the final two minutes. (See episode embedded after the jump) Two minutes! Gah! So that means I had to spend over 20 minutes watching a blonde actress audition for a role, that guy Miley Cyrus dated act all brooding, and another blonde actress attempt to place every object in the house in front of her naked body. (Seriously, was she going for a Guinness World Record or something?)

But then finally, we got to see Alex in all his de-mulleted glory. And what did we learn? The other folks in the house will force him to do dishes — since they’ve been in the house a whole month longer than him, which is basically an eternity — he’s still as humble as he was back in his American Idol days (says Alex of his new If I can Dream opportunity: “Hopefully I don’t blow it like I did the last one.”), and he color-coordinates his sodas with his Ford cars. Fashionable! Oh, and, of course, the boy can sing. Though we only heard a few seconds of his voice in a teaser for next week’s episode, it’s gorgeous enough to make Idol‘s producers wish they had a time machine. In fact, his voice sounds so amazing, it almost makes me forgive him for giving up the sweet, sweet mullet. (Thankfully, it will be back, according to the singer.)

Did you watch Alex’s first episode of If I Can Dream? What did you think? Are you excited to be able to hear him sing on a regular basis? And what household object would you use to hide your ta-tas?

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