Tim Stack
April 09, 2010 AT 04:00 AM EDT

We know what you’re thinking…but Ricky Martin actually came out last week. Still, there were a number of revelations (some major, some minor) in the celeb world.

Jesse James, from rehab
Reportedly leaving rehab after a week only to check back in hours later? Then again, we know the dude has difficulty committing himself to one thing.

Jen Aniston’s perfume name
The actress’ debut scent will be called Lola Vie, which she says means ”laughing at life.” We guess ”laughing at The Bounty Hunter” didn’t sound as elegant.

The iPad
With all the advance hype, it felt like this came out a year ago. And yet we still waited in some very long Apple store lines. Luckily, we had our iPhones to play with.

Anna Paquin, as a bisexual
Paquin revealed that she’s bi in a PSA for a gay rights group. But after dating a vampire and an X-Man, is being interested in women really that surprising?

Lil Wayne’s letters from prison
The rapper, incarcerated for a year, penned a sweet blog post (at weezythanxyou.com) thanking his fans for their support.

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