Dave Karger
April 10, 2010 AT 04:07 AM EDT

Is anyone else as wrecked as I am after watching Parenthood? Of the first six episodes of the NBC family drama, no fewer than five of them have brought me to tears. Sometimes it’s just a little liquid pooling in my eye; other times I’m talking full-fledged streaming-down-the-cheeks waterworks. Never in my life has a TV show affected me so viscerally and so consistently. I don’t think I’m particularly emotionally unstable right now; rather, it’s a testament to how truthful and well-acted this series is. Usually my tears spring from some plot line involving Peter Krause’s harried husband and father, Adam Braverman—whether he’s reacting to his daughter finally introducing him to her boyfriend, or experiencing a breakthrough with his mildly autistic son. Lately, I’ve also grown more attached to Dax Shepard’s slacker character, Crosby, who I thought was going to annoy me at first but has now proven to be one the show’s most endearing protagonists as he deals with the five-year-old son he never knew he had. And I have to say that Miles Heiser and Mae Whitman (pictured here), who play Lauren Graham’s teenage kids, are two of the best young actors I’ve ever seen on television. I fully agree with my colleague Ken Tucker, who lamented in his review of Parenthood that it’s being unfairly compared to Modern Family, my other favorite series right now. I mean, Modern Family makes me cry too, but that’s from laughing so hard.

But let’s put aside comedies for the moment. Can any of you name a dramatic TV series that made you cry on almost a weekly basis?

Image credit: Chris Haston/NBC

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