Mandi Bierly
April 13, 2010 AT 04:30 PM EDT

Even though I’m a Ghost Whisperer fan, I’ve never actually watched the Web series semi-associated with the show. But someone (read: my editor) sent me the link to the premiere of the fourth “season,” so I just sat through the first episode of Ghost Whisperer: The Other Side IV. I spent the first minute wondering if I was watching an ad — it’s sponsored by GMC Acadia, the vehicle driven by the mother who has to explain to her young daughter why her room will be smaller in their new haunted house — and the next four asking myself where I knew the dad from. Because figuring that out was the only thing that made those five minutes of my life worthwhile, I want to let you experience that joy as well. Watch Ghost Whisperer: The Other Side IV webisode 1 here. After the jump, the answer!

It’s Mark Lutz, who played The Groosalugg (aka Groo) on Angel!

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