Jennifer Armstrong
April 13, 2010 AT 02:13 PM EDT

Image Credit: Scott Gries/MTV; Heath Robbins/The Image Bank/Getty ImagesWhile production continues on season 2 of MTV’s kinda-vaguely-mostly Italian-American, um, documentary series Jersey Shore, casting agents are now heading to Boston to exploit a different predominantly Catholic ethnic group, kinda-vaguely-mostly Irish-Americans! As E! reports, Wicked Summer is looking for “the hottest girls and proudly buff guys who believe in God, family, politics, sports, beer and partying!” The casting site is kind enough to translate its requirements into Boston-ese, which appears to the untrained eye to basically be Jersey Shore-ese with occasional “ah”s on the ends of words most of us would pronounce with a vowel sound followed by an R: “You share a love for muscle cahs, hair products, and little necks on the frickin half shell. You don’t take s**t from nobody — least of all each othah.”

So, will this show be a wicked pissah or the chicken bawm?

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