Jennifer Armstrong
April 13, 2010 AT 04:32 PM EDT

Image Credit: Jack Rowand/The CWThe CW’s quiet charmer Life Unexpected finished its short, sweet first season last night with a [SPOILER ALERT] real, yes-they-went-through-with-it wedding. Kate chose her good-guy fiance over her bad-boy babydaddy, and it was, as ever, fraught with drama — but of the relatable, grounded kind, not the frothy, soapy kind. The scene between Baze and Kate on his roof during the rehearsal dinner (when he told her she’d “stepped up” as a mom and almost confessed his feelings for her) was poignant, and the fact that he burst into Kate and Ryan’s wedding a few seconds too late even moreso. And, oh, Baze’s confrontation with his dad: “It’s no wonder that I can’t tell her that I love her because I have never heard it from the one person I’m supposed to hear it from.” Heavy-handed, yes, but well-earned enough that it was more touching than trite. Poor Baze.

Of course, I’m still nervous for Kate and Ryan’s fate. I believe a wedding that so many people had reservations about is not worth having, and I really was rooting for Baze, but I also found it far more realistic — and understandable — that Kate would force her happily-ever-after with the good, solid guy played by Jack from Dawson’s Creek. I’ve always wanted to do a study of the percentage of weddings on TV and in movies that are stopped by some “speak now or forever hold your peace” action and the percentage in which that happens in real life, but statistics are hard to come by. Have you noticed that almost all real-life weddings, however, don’t even do the “speak now” part? That’s an indication of how often that option is activated, though at some weddings I’ve attended I’ve very much wished it would be. So exciting. It certainly would beat having to kill two hours at the nearest Applebee’s before the reception, anyway.

In this case, however, the future story possibilities lay more in Kate and Ryan being together and Baze wrestling with his own feelings about that; not to mention Kate continuing to wonder if she did the right thing, while being forced to see Baze because of Lux, especially now that they’ve gotten official custody of her. (Is the real lesson here not to go to court for official custody of your kid with one guy the day before you marry a different one?) This show may not have the flash of a Gossip Girl or a Vampire Diaries, but it has heart, soul, wit, and surprises — plus now, I’m convinced, plenty of story juice left in it. Here’s to hoping The CW gives it another season.

Who’s with me, PopWatchers? Speak now or forever hold your peace.

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