Vlada Gelman
April 13, 2010 AT 11:26 PM EDT

USA Network has unveiled a trailer for its upcoming new series, Covert Affairs, and it looks to be another keeper. (To see trailer, click here.) The series, which centers around Annie Walker, a CIA trainee who’s suddenly promoted to field agent, doesn’t premiere until July, but I’m already in and here’s why:

1. The cast. Even before this trailer popped up, I was intrigued by the casting. Piper Perabo — you still root for the Coyote Ugly girl, admit it! — plays Annie. Eion Bailey is her mysterious ex-boyfriend, who may have something to do with her sudden promotion. Bailey’s been in completely respectable shows like ER and HBO’s Band of Brothers, but I still remember him as Jen’s ex on Dawson’s Creek. Christopher Gorham, who charmed on Ugly Betty, is Annie’s guide through the world of the CIA. Annie’s sister is played by serial guest star Anne Dudek (Mad Men, House, Big Love, every show ever). And it just keeps getting better with Peter Gallagher (The O.C.) and Kari Matchett (24) as Annie’s CIA bosses, who also happen to be husband and wife.

2. A female heroine. After one boys-centered series after another (Burn Notice, Royal Pains, White Collar), not that I don’t enjoy them, and the lackluster The Starter Wife, I’ve been hoping USA would develop another female-driven show.

3. It looks like Alias-lite. And I mean that as a compliment. The trailer doesn’t look quite as serious and complicated as Alias, but it’s not as comedic and silly as Chuck can sometimes be either. Take Alias before it got lost in the impenetrable Rambaldi mythology, add some characters approved, breezy humor and you’ve got what appears to be a happy medium. Perabo even bares a slight resemblance to Jennifer Garner in her early Sydney Bristow years with her square jaw, pouty lips and all-American girl looks.

4. Gorham plays a blind tech ops expert. You totally want to see how well he pulls that off.

5. It’s USA. I’m a fan of their character-meets-procedural-with-a-dash-of big-picture lineup, so it looks like I’ll have another show to add to my already busy TV viewing schedule.

PopWatchers, are you looking forward to Covert Affairs? How much do you love this cast?

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