Michael Ausiello
April 15, 2010 AT 08:58 PM EDT

Image Credit: Anthony G. Moore/PR PhotosMake room for Daddy! Law & Order: Criminal Intent has cast a father for Jeff Goldblum’s Det. Nichols: F. Murray Abraham!

So far, the acclaimed actor, best known for playing the title composer’s archenemy Salieri in the 1984 film Amadeus, is only signed for one episode — the season finale, airing in July. But, until I hear Pops has some terminal illness or an outstanding debt to a homicidal loan shark, I’m gonna take a guess that we’ll be seeing him again.

Thoughts? Can you picture the showbiz veteran, whose resume is longer than any given week’s Ask Ausiello, raising the erstwhile Brundlefly? Sound off below! (Additional reporting by Andy Patrick)

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