Ken Tucker
April 18, 2010 AT 01:17 PM EDT

Last night’s series of mixed-martial-arts bouts on CBS’ Strikeforce served up some good action — King Mo took some heavy pummeling only to prevail; wiseguy Shinya Aoki got pasted by Gilbert Melendez — but the evening concluded with something I haven’t seen in a while on TV: a spontaneous brawl, some of it captured on camera.

After Jake Shields defeated Dan Henderson, it looked as though Jason “Mayhem” Miller may have gotten a bit too enthusiastic about calling for a rematch. Whatever set it off, the pushing, shoving, and hitting that ensued was less like modern MMA than an old-fashioned boxing match. Which I do not mean as condemnation. I hope no one was hurt. But at the same time, I can’t really get worked-up or pious about the shame — or as these things are always phrased in sports reporting, the “black eye” — that the sport now bears because of this unscripted event.

Overall, I thought there was some good action throughout the evening, some mediocre color commentary, and that free-for-all at the end. It’s always interesting to see live events that the networks have little control over.

Did you watch?

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