Ken Tucker
April 21, 2010 AT 01:12 PM EDT

Kate Gosselin’s Dancing With the Stars exit interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night was pure Kate all the way: Defiant but defensive, honest but without humility, funny but guarded. Asked by Kimmel which of the judges she wanted “to punch the most,” she said, “I get it, okay? They’re judges, it’s TV… I signed copies of my new book to each of them.”

Her partner Tony Dovolani said, “maybe I’m delusional,” but he really thought they could win.

Kimmel held up copies of magazines that featured Tony and Kate on their covers. One touted a cover line about the “train wreck” of Kate’s DWTS experience. Kate rolled her eyes and said, “I wish they would just learn how boring I am.”

Kimmel asked Kate if she would consider being on “another ABC reality show, The Bachelorette.” Kate said no, “I’m married to my kids and my career.”

And so it ends, with a kind of stubborn integrity on Kate’s part. By now she must know how to play to a camera for maximum sympathy (her weekly plea for DWTS votes proved it), but she simply refuses to do so most of the time, rejecting any display of emotion she doesn’t consider “real.”

She’s truly a creature of reality TV, with her own sense of what she will and won’t reveal of herself.

What was your final impression of Kate last night, on DWTS and on Kimmel?

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