Kate Ward
April 23, 2010 AT 05:20 PM EDT

Image Credit: Archie Comics PublicationsJust days after we learned Archie and his pals would be GTL-ing it in Riverdale Shore, a new comic inspired by the Jersey Shore, Archie Comics announced they would be shaking up their series in another, far more progressive way: They will introduce the series’ first openly gay character, a hunky dude named Kevin Keller, this September. And I already love the Kevin’s first storyline in Veronica Comics No. 202 (but that’s partly because it reminds me of Clueless): Rich hot girl Veronica doesn’t understand why she can’t seem to attract new guy Kevin with her feminine wiles. (So frustrating, considering Kevin’s a total Baldwin. And, judging by his kinship with Jughead, a foodie too!)

After we all finish saying, “It’s about time!” can we all agree that these are happy days for the Archie Comics series? Adding Kevin to the cast is such a refreshing move for the series — especially when I think back to Archie Comics’ content during my pre-teen years, when I picked up Betty & Veronica every week. The most groundbreaking thing to happen during that time was the reintroduction of a redhead, Cheryl Blossom, to the comic’s cast of characters. (She’s not blond or brunette! Scandale!)

Are you, like me, going to pick up a Veronica comic for the first time in years after hearing this news, PopWatchers? And how great is it to watch the Riverdale gang become relevant again?

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