Jeff Labrecque
April 23, 2010 AT 01:55 PM EDT

Image Credit: WETATo no one’s surprise, Avatar fans rushed to purchase James Cameron’s sci-fi epic on DVD, even though it lacked the third-dimension so associated with its theatrical success or even a single DVD extra. Released Thursday, on Earth Day instead of traditional DVD release day Tuesday, Avatar easily surpassed The Dark Knight as the fastest-selling Blu-ray DVD and sold more than 4 million total DVDs in its first day.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Fox Home Entertainment is already planning a special-edition Avatar DVD for November and a 3D version for early next year, so I have to ask: How many of yesterday’s buyers are going to reinvest and then re-reinvest in Pandora? Cameron has criticized directors like George Lucas, whose constant tinkering with his Star Wars films resulted in a frustrating series of DVD releases, but Avatar fans have the right to be just as skeptical of this money grab.

So buyers: Will you double-dip come November? Triple-dip in 2011?

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