Ken Tucker
April 28, 2010 AT 12:31 PM EDT

Courtney Love appeared on The Late Show last night for the first time in six years. She blamed her long absence from the show on what she half-jokingly called “the Letterman years.” She recounted a bleak time when “I did a lot of coke back then… I took pills…. I’ve been a rock person for a long time,” she admitted.

Love said she’d gone into rehab soon after her 2004 Letterman appearance, during which she imitated Drew Barrymore’s famous doffing-her-shirt stunt in front of Dave.

On last night’s Late Show, Love said she’d been to rehab, which was “hard work…. You have to write letters to people to apologize. I think I wrote you a letter.”

“I got a letter from you,” Letterman confirmed.

She said she attends 12-step meetings and that “it takes a village” to keep her on the straight and narrow: “I have a psychopharmacologist, a psychiatrist…a Jungian therapist, a life coach.”

Love and her band Hole also performed a song from the band’s new album Nobody’s Daughter.

Did you watch? What did you think of Love’s admissions?

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