Kate Ward
April 28, 2010 AT 05:07 PM EDT

I am loving this The Hills parody — in which little kids re-enact scenes from the MTV show — like Justin Bobby loves this hat. Because its name-tagging (Heidi: Face changes daily; Spencer: Horrible person; Audrina: Can’t make eye contact) and script (Lauren: “I missed you guys so much…I hate you guys so much!”) is practically indistinguishable from the labeling and dialogue in the real show.

If I have to nitpick: Little Spencer is tragically missing a creepy flesh-colored beard, Little Audrina is far more present than her actual counterpart, and Real Heidi is a heckuva lot more petrifying than masked Little Heidi. Bonus points, though, for the shot of Little Audrina looking at the ceiling.

Who would rather watch this than The Hills? Raise your hand, PopWatchers! [via Buzzfeed]

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