Sean Howe
April 28, 2010 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Wilson (graphic novel)

Comic Books/Graphic Novels
Daniel Clowes
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We gave it a B

”I love people! I’m a people person!” are the opening words from Wilson, the malcontent in Clowes’ latest portrait of seething misanthropy. When the slow-moving schlub isn’t swearing at pedestrians or scaring old ladies at the post office, he’s turning his anger in on himself. But then his father’s illness sparks a hometown visit that reunites Wilson with his ex-wife and teenage daughter…and that’s where the trouble really starts. In Wilson, Clowes’ characters mostly stick to two modes: despair and bitter laughter. The result is exhausting. But it’s almost as though Clowes gave himself a challenge — how relentlessly bleak can a comic be and still snatch hope from the jaws of cynicism? In the final, quiet panels, he answers. B

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