Kerrie Mitchell
April 29, 2010 AT 10:57 PM EDT

Image Credit: NASA; Mark FellmanThe AP has news that Avatar director James Cameron is going to help build a 3-D camera on the next-generation Mars rover — called Curiosity — that’s set for launch next year. The plan for the camera had actually been scaled back for budget reasons, but Cameron personally lobbied NASA administrator Charles Bolden when they met in January. He’s now listed as a “co-investigator” for the camera team. Let’s all remember that James Cameron doesn’t kid around. Remember when he followed up the success of Titanic with a documentary about his actual exploration of the actual Titanic wreck. How soon do you think it’s going to be before NASA announces that Cameron is going to follow up his 3-D space epic about extraterrestrial life by…actually going to up into space?

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