Michael Ausiello
April 30, 2010 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Will Brothers & Sisters Pull a Lost Next Season?
All that wine guzzling is finally catching up to Brothers & Sisters‘ Walker clan: Its members are about to lose a year of their lives! Exec producer David Marshall Grant confirms that the ABC drama will likely flash-forward 12 months between the May 16 finale and next fall’s premiere. One of the advantages of making such a move: Kitty (Calista Flockhart) won’t appear to be jumping so quickly back into the singles scene following the exit of hubby Robert (Rob Lowe). ”She is going to be single next season,” says Grant. ”It’s going to be a nod to the first season with her dating.” The time warp will also allow Sarah (Rachel Griffiths) to become more settled in her relationship with Luc (Gilles Marini, who’s returning as a regular). Grant, meanwhile, scoffs at rumors that budget cuts may force him to write out additional cast members. ”There may be an episode or two that some [characters] might not be in,” he says, ”but aside from Rob, the [entire] cast is returning.” I’ll drink to that!

Glee Promotes Duo
Glee‘s hilarious backup singers are moving front and center. Naya Rivera and Heather Morris, who play BFFs with bennies Santana and Brittany, will be upgraded to full-fledged series regulars next season. Can a spin-off be far behind?


First Look: 24‘s Series Finale
It’s hardly a surprise that as his final day comes to an end, Jack Bauer will be stressed to the max. Heck, you can practically see the sweat forming on his brow in the above image from the May 24 series finale. But what is surprising is the source of his tension: Chloe! ”Chloe and Jack are in a real face-off,” reveals exec producer Howard Gordon. ”Chloe has to decide between her duty [as head of CTU] and her friendship to Jack. It’s about as hairy a confrontation as you can possibly imagine.”

House Star Checking Out?
House fans better stock up on anxiety pills prior to the May 17 finale. Exec producer Katie Jacobs teases that the episode leaves the fate of one M.D. up in the air. ”There’s an unanswered question with one of our actors,” she hints, ”and it’s a mystery that will play out over next season.” Sounds like Olivia Wilde’s Huntington’s-afflicted Thirteen may be taking a turn for the worse.

Robin Sparkles Returns!
How I Met Your Mother is getting ready to unearth another embarrassing piece of Robin’s (Cobie Smulders) pop-star past. In an episode likely to air next season, the CBS comedy will offer a glimpse of the failed Canadian variety show that starred Robin’s alter ego, teen pop sensation Robin Sparkles, and frequent sidekick Alan Thicke. ”It’s inevitable that we’re going to see what that show was all about,” confirms exec producer Carter Bays, who planted the seed earlier this season when the failed show-within-a-show got a shout-out in the episode ”The Rough Patch.” ”That’s something to look forward to next season.” My DVR’s set!

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