Emily Exton
April 30, 2010 AT 05:00 PM EDT

Image Credit: PRN/PR Photos; Jerritt Clark/WireImage.comSpencer Pratt, of the poorly grown facial hair and sometimes cowboy hat style, and Emilio Masella (who?), of Snooki ex-boyfriend fame, are reportedly teaming up for a dating show, Fist Pumping For Love, People reports. I wish I were joking.

The premise is a single guy looking for love (how original!), and the Gold’s Gym trainer plans to take his search for the guidette of his dreams from Hollywood to Howard Beach in Queens, N.Y. (where he just might get lucky). Masella says he’s “tired of these fake Italian girls,” taking an obvious shot at poor Snooks, who is actually Chilean. Sure, he wants a woman who can parla Italiano with him, but haven’t we seen this before? (The Bachelor, Rock of Love, almost everything on VH1). Even with the guido factor, it’s safe to say that most of America doesn’t know who he is, nor thinks of him in the same way as they do the lovable Seaside Heights crew. And while I am not afraid to admit I enjoyed Jersey Shore (you heard me) the whole guidos-having-a-moment thing just may be overdone. Plus, I don’t think anyone would recommend teaming up with Spencer Pratt (or Heidi, who is listed as “Executive Producer”).

Any chance you’ll watch this? Or has reality TV officially died, PopWatchers?

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