Leah Greenblatt
April 30, 2010 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Ah, spring: The darling buds bloom, eager people wear shorts too soon, and music videos for what may become this summer’s anthems step up to the plate. Let the judging commence!

Green Day ”Last of the American Girls”
Billie Joe & Co. enlist three hot alt chicks to play out a domestic burlesque (TV, dishes, teeth-brushing) in the midst of a drab desert wasteland. They’re the face of Meh Generation blasé, right up through the last (literal) bang. B

Maxwell ”Fistful of Tears”
Maximum class and minimal ruckus: just the man standing solo on a Rat Pack-style soundstage, unfurling this slow-burn R&B ballad in rich black and white. A-

Laura Bell Bundy ”Drop on By”
Those who do drop by may think it’s an ad for either body wash or Linens ‘n Things. But let it be known that the country ingenue has the velvet throw rugs, flickering tea lights, and bath-oil beads ready if you do. C+

Nicki Minaj ”Massive Attack”
First Blood meets Barbie’s Dream House in the raptress’ first official solo video, a mix of desert-camo poses and sexy-Rambo jungle boogie, with serious hot pink accessorizing. Thankfully, Minaj’s visual and lyrical wit saves it all from feeling like a rerun of Rihanna’s similarly G.I. Jane-ish ”Hard” clip. B+

Jack Johnson ”You and Your Heart”
In case you have forgotten that he was once a pro surfer, Johnson takes to the sea in this bucolic, sun-splashed frolic. Nothing special, really, but if you spent all winter in full-body fleece, it’s like watching weather porn. B

LCD Soundsystem ”Drunk Girls”
The erudite dance-rockers get no respect from a group of rampaging man-pandas, as gleefully codirected by Spike Jonze. Cue an anarchic frenzy of flying eggs, random tackles, air horns, glitter, and (bad panda!) urine. A-

Drake ”Over”
The rap phenom borrows from Kanye’s moody 808s & Heartbreak color wheel in this pensive, densely visual exploration of fame’s grim flip side. It’s almost oppressively dark, but he wears strobe-lit paranoia well. B+

Foxy Shazam ”Oh Lord”
Cincinnati’s bombastic arena-rockers-without-an-arena are being embraced by mtvU. Their raucous blues-gospel revue, fronted by a pint-size Iggy acolyte and backed by gym-socks-clad dancers, is goofy fist-pumping fun. B+

Florence + the Machine ”Dog Days Are Over”
Ditching the song’s low-budget (and lovely) wood-nymph-circus treatment from last year, the Brit chanteuse recasts herself as a flame-haired Kabuki warrior. Sensical? No. But still oddly enthralling. A-

Macy Gray ”Beauty in the World”
Gray plays red-pantsed ringleader in this outdoor up-with-people romp rife with aerial-cam shots of bouncy cheerleaders, whizzing roller skaters, and double-Dutch girls. Very ”Feist’s ‘1234’ takes a field trip.” B+

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