Mandi Bierly
May 03, 2010 AT 05:57 PM EDT

There are some rules that really should never be broken: If you have an opportunity to interview Alex O’Loughlin in-person, you take it; if you have a picture of a water-skiing squirrel, you run it; and if Jerry O’Connell wears a Speedo in your movie about killer fish, you show him in every trailer. (Especially if you want him to have a fighting chance in our Most Anticipated Abs of Summer 2010 poll.) Well, the latest preview for Piranha 3D dropped the ball on that one, but it still managed to give me chills. I find Adam Scott’s voice sets the perfect tone. (Even though he’s not playing sarcastic, he always sounds it, right?) Christopher Lloyd chewing some scenery continues it. Jessica Szohr coming face-to-face with the demon-eyed piranha that manages to make a shrieking sound under water (pictured) completes it. Watch it after the jump.

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