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May 05, 2010 AT 12:00 PM EDT

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Question: All this vague “a crisis like no other” talk about the Grey’s Anatomy finale is killing me. And you don’t wanna be responsible for my death. Seattle Grace scoop, STAT. —Andy

Ausiello: Would it qualify as putting you on life support if I got series creator Shonda Rhimes to tell you a bit about the two-hour season-ender? Let’s find out. “The theme of the first hour is sanctuary, which sort of uses the idea that the hospital is our characters’ safest place and our safest place as viewers,” she says. “[Then we use] the hour to slowly turn that on its head [so] that by the end, the hospital is definitely kind of the least safe place in the world.” Yikes! “The second hour,” she continues, “is about choices, and we get to watch our characters make big ones. Lexie chooses between Mark and Alex. Owen chooses between Teddy and Cristina. Bailey faces the hardest medical choice that a doctor has to make. And the other choice that’s being made is Callie and Arizona, and whether or not they’re going to be together or not. It IS going to come down to the baby thing.” You still with us, Andy? Hello? Bueller? Someone call 911!

Question: Please tell me we will actually get to see a Meredith story line on Grey’s Anatomy by the end of the season. —Lulu

Ausiello: Meredith is going to have a lot going on in the finale. Trust me.

Question: This blind item pregnancy thing is driving me crazy! Please give us another hint (or better yet, the answer itself)! —Amanda

Ausiello: The character is female. And between the ages of 18 and 49.

Question: Please, please, some scoop on True Blood! —Jennifer

Ausiello: How’s this? The HBO soap is adding yet another recurring hunk to its cast: Tony, a twentysomething male hustler whose drug addiction and resemblance to bloodsucker Talbot make him easy pickins for the vamp’s obsessed mate, Russell.

Question: I am a big fan of V and am wondering if you have any info on whether it will be renewed or not. —Alex

Ausiello: It’s not looking good. It’s a shame, too, because the show is getting better with each passing week. The trend continues with next Tuesday’s eventful episode, in which Lisa is discovered beaten in an alley with a nasty “V” carved into her cheek. It’s all a ploy by Anna, who’s trying to drum up anti-Fifth Column support, and it leads to the long-awaited sit-down between Anna and Erica. Also, we finally find out why the Visitors were trying to hunt down Hobbes.

Question: Can you please give us some juicy Friday Night Lights scoop? —Michael

Ausiello: Julie Taylor…mistress? Actually, drop the question mark, ’cause it’s for sure happening next season.

Question: The Legend of the Seeker fandom has launched an ad campaign. Could you write about our efforts? Here’s our website: www.saveourseeker.com —Karen

Ausiello: I will on one condition: You make at least a $50 donation to help the forgotten victims of the Gulf Coast catastrophe by clicking here. Every time I see a photo of a bird drenched in an oil slick, I die a little inside.

Question: Okay, I’ll bite: What is the story behind the two Lois/Clark pictures (No. 1, No. 2) from the season finale of Smallville? —Robert

Ausiello: I only promised you a hint — and here it is: The second image is a little deceiving in that the smooch actually takes place in the dark. For further details, pick up the new issue of Entertainment Weekly, on sale now.

Question: Any good news for Clark/Lois fans on Smallville? —David

Ausiello: Not in this Friday’s episode, since, well, they kind of hit a major rough patch — an inevitable consequence of “the boiler pressure that both of them are under,” says exec producer Kelly Souders. “Lois is struggling — unbeknownst to her — between Clark and The Blur. And [we]… see what the lie that Clark’s had to protect has done to Lois.”

Question: Any Smallville season finale spoilers that don’t involve the Grim Reaper? Plot details, perhaps? —Graham

Ausiello: EP Brian Peterson hints that the blue Kryptonite dagger “comes into play heavily in the last few seconds” of the finale.

Question: I’ll pay for some blind item clues. Any amount below, like, four dollars. —David

Ausiello: That kind of dough buys you a new blind item. This is going to sound crazy, but another hour-long drama is flashing forward. Similar to Brothers & Sisters‘ looming time jump, this unnamed show’s leap would also kick in at the start of next season. And just as an FYI, this is not related to the Blind Item I posted yesterday. Guesses?! Hit the comments!

Question: Can we have some Glee scoop, please? —Katie

Ausiello: This isn’t so much scoop as a direct order to series creator Ryan Murphy: Get working on a Cyndi Lauper tribute episode!

Question: I’m confused: Why wasn’t Lapidus from Lost included in either your “confirmed fatalities” or “possible fatalities” count on your May Sweeps Scorecard? —Justin

Ausiello: Maybe it’s an oversight. Maybe it’s intentional. Maybe it’s Ma*be*li*e.

Question: What’s this I’m hearing about Rebecca and Justin splitting up on Brothers & Sisters at the end of the season? —Henry

Ausiello: It’s not what you think. I’ll let EP David Marshall Grant explain: “They both have competing future possibilities in front of them that would necessitate a geographical split. It’s not a trial separation that involves an emotional schism. It just involves the fact that they would have to be in two different places for their work. They’re in good shape otherwise.”

Question: I’m one of your stalkers. Can you please give me a hint about the Brothers & Sisters season finale? —Jennifer

Ausiello: Thanks for the heads-up about the stalker thing. I’ll have the FBI add your name to my Comic-Con watch list. Regarding the B&S finale, EP David Marshall Grant reveals that Sarah and Nora end up joining Kitty on the final leg of her campaign. “There’s some really funny stuff with the three women,” he says. Saul, meanwhile, gets pulled into a story line with Scotty and Kevin, thus allowing the show’s “three gay characters to be in their own little orbit.” In the end, “everyone comes together at the old Ojai house, which is where the ‘Northern Exposure’ episode from the first season was set.”

Question: I’ve heard rumors of a Cheerio-on-Cheerio (a.k.a. Brittany and Santana) kiss on Glee. Care to elaborate? —Briana

Ausiello: There’s definitely some C&C action on the horizon that involves mouths, lips, and tongues: In next week’s episode Santana and Mercedes have a duet!

Question: Any good Will and Emma scoop for Glee? —Jess

Ausiello: No news on the Will/Emma front — good or bad. I hear their relationship doesn’t get a lot of play in this season’s final episodes. Which I find odd.

Question: You said that one of the “possible fatalities” in your May Sweeps Scorecard is reserved for a Gossip Girl character. You weren’t talking about Lily, right? —Fernanda

Ausiello: No, I wasn’t talking about Lily. The victim in question is *a*e.

Question: What’s with all the Taylor Momsen/Gossip Girl drama? Will she be back next season at all? —Allo

Ausiello: Not sure what drama you’re referring to, but per my original story, she’ll be MIA only for the first part of next season. My prediction: Jenny will make a dramatic return at the start of November sweeps!

Question: Can you tell me anything about Castle‘s season finale? —Elize

Ausiello: The theme of the episode is nothing is as it seems. Interpret as you like. Oh, and big stuff happens in the final five minutes.

Question: I know Drop Dead Diva returns to Lifetime on June 6, but can you PLEASE give me some scoop?! – Court

Ausiello: Yes, Court. Here goes: The show is casting what sounds to me like a younger version of Ugly Betty‘s Wilhelmina with a law degree. The character of Claire, I’m told, is a glamorous knockout in her early 40s who returns to Harrison & Parker after a lengthy sabbatical to reclaim her lofty position as a partner. And to reclaim Parker. But, seeing as her arc is only slated to last two episodes, I’m thinking that doesn’t go so well.

Question: Could you narrow down the list of possible returning male characters to Desperate Housewives? —Jeff

Ausiello: I’ll do you one better.

Question: I know Sean Murray, Michael Weatherly, and Pauley Perrette haven’t signed contracts to return to NCIS next season. Should I start freaking out? —Clarissa

Ausiello: No. All three will be back. You heard it here first. Unless I’m wrong, in which case we never had this conversation.

Question: What is really up with Jen on 90210? —Fernando R.

Ausiello: I believe you’ll get your answer next Tuesday.

That’s a wrap! Please send questions, comments, and anonymous tips to ausielloscoop@ew.com. Also, you can follow me on Twitter via @michaelausiello. Thanks for playing! (Additional reporting by Darren Franich and Andy Patrick)

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