Kate Ward
May 05, 2010 AT 04:48 PM EDT

  • The franchise is hardly dying: Hitman screenwriter Skip Woods has been tapped to write the fifth Die Hard movie. Poor John McClane. At what point is he too old for this s–––? [THR]
  • Mila Kunis is set to star alongside Justin Timberlake in the rom-com Friends With Benefits. Aetna or Blue Cross Blue Shield? [Variety]
  • Ryan Gosling will narrate Phillip Montgomery’s ReGeneration documentary, which chronicles young people’s apathy towards social and political causes. One thing young people aren’t apathetic about? Ryan Gosling. [THR]
  • Walking Dead is really coming alive: The much-anticipated AMC zombie drama has tapped Laurie Holden to star as sniper who falls for a man twice her age. Or she’s just confused and really dating a zombie. [THR]
  • Terms of Endearment actress Debra Winger is officially a regular on HBO’s In Treatment. Her character is a former star with anxiety issues. Who, I’m assuming, cries a lot. [Deadline]
  • A&E has decided to renew Paranormal State, its ghost-hunting series. On the schedule for season 5 of the show: Ryan and his team of investigators chase a phantom taunting a local fair, but soon discover the phantom is really hotel manager Mr. Jeevers, who’s just tired of all those meddlesome kids. Oh, sorry, that’s Scooby-Doo. [THR]
  • Time Stands Still — starring Laura Linney — will be heading to Broadway, according to a press release from the show’s producers. Original cast member Alicia Silverstone will not be able continue starring in the production because she’s “surfing the crimson wave.” Or scheduling conflicts. Whatever.

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