Emily Exton
May 05, 2010 AT 04:58 PM EDT

Spencer’s new affinity for beads and therapeutic crystals is quite the departure from his past fashion statements (see: cowboy hats). Taking style tips from his super chill friend Charlie (who bears a striking resemblance to Stanley Tucci in The Lovely Bones — flesh colored facial hair is my biggest fear) by practicing alternative medicine, Spencer claims to be “vibrationally tuned in,” wearing the key from Atlantis around his neck, and carrying stray bird feathers in his pockets. “Crystals have calmed me down a lot,” he said in last night’s episode.

Trying to spread the word of their magic healing powers, he brought Kristin a freakin’ large rock – ahem, crystal – to help drive away the bad drug rumors that have been plaguing her lately. But just as Spencer thought he had found his new endorsement deal wellness mantra, Stephanie started to cry after feeling shunned by her brother. Spencer’s veins began to pop out of his head, and he ultimately questioned the power of this surefire quick moral fix. “I know they’re not working, that’s why there’s HUNDREDS on me right now,” Spencer laments to his pal, who suggests the problem lies beyond any malfunctioning jewelry he may be wearing: “Maybe take them all off and look in the mirror.” See the rest of this insightful conversation in the video below.

Is it really the crystals, PopWatchers, or merely Spencer’s own psychosis, that needs reevaluation?  Anyone else thankful that Heidi wasn’t named Zoe? And did the quick Ryan Cabrera cameo make you nostalgic for The Ashlee Simpson Show? (Ah, youth).

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