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'Eclipse' trailer in front of 'Iron Man 2': Best reaction you heard?


twilight-iron-manImage Credit: Kimberley French; Industrial Light & MagicThe trailer for The Twilight Saga: Eclipse was among the previews played before Iron Man 2 over the weekend (at least in the theater where I saw it). It’s a brilliant idea: Try to show the men in the Iron Man audience – who are, essentially, captive – that the third film in the Twilight franchise is about an army of vampires, not the love triangle. Did it work in your theater? What’s the best reaction you heard – good or bad? After the jump, the NSFMD (Not Suitable for Mother’s Day) conversation that took place behind my mom and I:

College boy #1: I’m so excited, I just got a chubby.

College boy #2: I’d rather watch Harry Potter and jerk off.

College boy #1: Hey, I like Harry Potter.

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Originally posted May 10 2010 — 9:56 AM EDT

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