Karen Valby
May 11, 2010 AT 02:24 PM EDT

During last night’s chat with David Letterman, Lost star Evangeline Lilly discussed the much-anticipated finale to this Mobius strip of a show. In teasing for scoop, Letterman wondered if Lost would go out Sopranos-style, with red herrings and an open-ended cut-to-black. “The finale, without giving too much away, holds true to our Lost traditions,” said Lilly. Say wha? “It represents the show nicely,” she hedged. Letterman decided that the only possible satisfying ending was for this whole island hoo-ha to have been one elaborate dream, to which Lilly declared him the least imaginative person in all of North America. When he pushed her to tell him once and for all what happens, she rather charmingly set up a possible scenario that involved Letterman’s wished-for dream ending.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, we got nothing. Though Letterman did get to go into a meditative trance when rubbing a snatch of Lilly’s beaded dress in his fingers. What was remarkable about Lilly’s appearance, though, was the fact that something about their conversation got Letterman talking. When the young woman said that she was interested in a future career of writing, and that she is at work on a novel, Letterman lit up with some genuine interest. He wanted to talk process, and to talk about “the demon” that is the act of writing, and about the importance of trusting one’s editor. He got to tell an old Hemingway story that the actress admittedly spoiled by bringing up panties. Letterman said the few times he sat down with pen to paper the experience was one of sheer misery. What I would give to read this man’s memoir. I’m less convinced that I’ll be first in line to buy Lilly’s in-progress novel about a multi-national pimp.

What say you PopWatchers? Is a Lost ending that holds true to Lost traditions good news or frustrating news? Whose writing would you rather read?

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