Ken Tucker
May 11, 2010 AT 08:47 PM EDT

Take a verrrry close look at this brand-new, extended Fringe season-finale trailer.

You’ll see that Josh Jackson’s Peter Bishop gets “taken to the other side” (ah, that would actually be his true home, wouldn’t it?). You’ll see alternate-universe versions of some of our favorite characters, including a very bad-ass Broyles in black paramilitary garb, and you’ll hear Walter say with some understandable worry, “My son is going to be responsible for the end of the world.”

Nina admitting Massive Dynamic doesn’t have a way of getting to the other side, but that Olivia does? That certainly pays off a bit on the “specialness” she’s been exhibiting this season, doesn’t it? And how about that brief glimpse of the alt-Astrid?

My dear CortexiFans, what do you think of this glimpse of Fringe‘s finale? (The first half of the finale airs this Thursday night.) Plays kinda like a summer-movie trailer, in a good way, doesn’t it?

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