Keith Staskiewicz
May 11, 2010 AT 09:33 PM EDT

Image Credit: TLCThe newly de-Jon-ified TLC series Kate Plus 8 has finally received a premiere date. TLC has confirmed that the show will debut on Sunday, June 6, and will, of course, feature the newly single subject of tabloid fodder on her own with the formidable brood.

Essentially, it’s a reality show about how hard it is to raise eight kids alone while simultaneously having a full-time job as the star of a reality show about raising eight kids. Honestly, I’d be more interested in a series about the nannies that actually took care of the children while Kate was off tangoing and foxtrotting on Dancing With the Stars. Bring on Dolores and Carmelita Plus 8, I say! What say you, PopWatchers?

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