Jeff Labrecque
May 12, 2010 AT 08:00 PM EDT

In a most egregious example of opening one’s mouth and inserting an entire typewriter, Newsweek‘s Ramin Setoodeh notoriously used his criticism of Sean Hayes in the Broadway production of Promises, Promises to conclude that openly gay actors are nearly incapable of playing straight characters. The subsequent outrage has been furious, with Glee creator Ryan Murphy recently urging a boycott of Newsweek until the magazine delivers a sufficient apology. My guess is that a well-crafted mea culpa is forthcoming, but the only thing nearly as anachronistic as Setoodeh’s bizarre soft-bigotry is a boycott of Newsweek, which currently has the same number of subscribers that it had in 1966. The news magazine lost $28.1 million last year, and last week, The Washington Post Co. announced plans to sell the 77-year-old news weekly. With that in mind, I ask: For the love of Johannes Gutenberg, please please do not boycott Newsweek. I read Newsweek. Not as much as Time, of course, but I do read it. I need my Scope front-of-the-book. I need my Howard Fineman. People have reason to be upset, but I’m hoping this tension diffuses before I’m forced to decipher The Economist on the train.

Newsweek: Apologize. Quickly. Pretend it was a Koran in the toilet instead of a misguided, insensitive, and offensive essay about human sexuality and the arts. Angry Newsweek readers: Don’t hold a grudge. I’d hate to see a Conventional Wisdom entry for Newsweek permanently fixed in the down direction just because of one really rotten apple.

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