Kate Ward
May 14, 2010 AT 10:05 PM EDT

Image Credit: Rick Stephens/PR Photos; DreamWorks LLC/ParamountIt’s pretty well established that Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen was a bit, for the lack of a better word, meh. But when it comes to the third film in the franchise, it seems Michael Bay might be doing something right. Not only has the director booked esteemed thespians John Malkovich and Frances McDormand (and Patrick Dempsey) for the film, but he’s also cast Firefly star/nerd magnet Alan Tudyk in the future blockbuster, according to The Wrap.

Now, we’re not sure what he’s playing, since Bay is keeping the whole project very hush-hush, but Tudyk could play a dust mite crushed by Megatron’s mighty steel foot within the first five minutes of the film, and I would still be on board. And such casting can’t help but make me optimistic that Transformers 3 will be less about robots smashing into each other and more about, well, robots smashing into each other — BUT with cool actors this time! Is this casting making anyone else think that Transformers 3 could actually be kind of awesome?

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