Michael Slezak
May 16, 2010 AT 04:43 PM EDT

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t slightly underwhelmed by “Flesh and Stone,” last night’s conclusion to the superior (and scarier) “The Time of Angels.” As is often the case with Doctor Who, I preferred the intimate storyline of last week’s episode — which focused more narrowly on the pure stone-faced terror of the Weeping Angels — to the Big Mythological Sweep (TM) of the conclusion, in which said Angels became secondary players to the overarching “crack in time” arc being plotted this season by Steven Moffat. To put it another way, something’s not quite working when you’ve got the Angels fleeing en masse from an eerie light source, but I’m not feeling remotely scared.

Things kicked off with the Doctor temporarily fending off the Angels with a little shift in gravity, until, of course, that tense standoff in a narrow passageway where he had to (gulp) turn off the lights in order to release the airlock and get back into the main deck of the crashed spacecraft. Watching the Angels advance in the intermittent light of the soldiers’ gunfire was particularly bone-chilling. Sometimes, it’s the simplest scares that work best in the Doctor Who universe. I wasn’t quite as freaked out by the Angel that had imprinted itself in Amy’s mind, and was threatening to stifle her life from the inside out, maybe because the Angel advancing through the video screen last week was a heckuva lot more menacing than the one reflected in her eye last night. Or maybe it was all a little too high-concept. (Or maybe you all viscerally disagree with my assessment in the first place? Do sound off in the comments below!)

Anyhow, when it was all said and done, the Doctor once again was able to manipulate the ship’s gravity to his best defense, sending the Angels hurtling toward the crack, and (temporarily) sealing it. River Song, relegated to the sidelines this episode, wound up back in handcuffs, her true nature still unknown. (I did enjoy the Doctor engaging in that time-confused pas de deux with her: “I look forward to it.”/”I remember it well.”) And finally, we had Amy looking for a little inter-species, bachelorette-night nookie with the Doctor himself. Gah!

I’m not really certain I’m loving the idea of a Doctor-Amy romance, seeing how it’d be hard to recapture the magic of what we’ve already seen between his previous incarnation and a certain Rose Tyler. Also, lest we forget, the Doctor established his connection with Amy back when she was 7, so…no. Just no. (I know their age gap is huge anyhow, but I still say it matters if he met her when she was at the age of consent, or still playing with building blocks.) Apparently, Amy’s wedding date (26-06-2010) — not to mention the bride herself — will play a significant role in whatever is happening with that time-energy fissure, the one that can catch up with you and erase the fact that you’d ever even existed. Will she remember what the Doctor told her when she was 7? Will the Doctor get her “sorted out”? And, um, will that mean “sorted out” in the larger, cosmic sense, or “sorted out” in the cheeky, British, double-entendre way? Share your thoughts below, but if you’re located across the pond and you’ve already seen future episodes, please don’t post any spoilers! (Follow me on Twitter @EWMichaelSlezak!)

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