Margaret Lyons
May 18, 2010 AT 05:26 AM EDT

Can one scene redeem a whole episode? How about 90 percent of a season? Can House‘s roller-coaster year — mental institution! roommate squabbles! Lucas! — be declared a success based on a whopper of a closer?

Image Credit: Adam Taylor/Fox I give it a stern maybe. I pretty much hated this episode until the Huddy scene at the end. Hugh Laurie was great, of course, and the drama of him relapsing is rich for exploration. But a massive infrastructure catastrophe, a doomed patient-of-the-week who has something important in common with the doctor, and scene that’s basically porn for crying? That’s a sweeps episode of Grey’s Anatomy, not House. The whole in-the-field part of the episode felt like the show was cooking in someone else’s kitchen; I guess it smells pretty good, but oy, all the fumbling.

And then there was the smooch.

As I watched “Help Me,” I was filled with rage. It was so weepy, and there wasn’t enough Wilson (is there such a thing?), plus I don’t want Thirteen to quit. (I used to want that so very badly. But I like her now! Bob Dylan agrees with me. The times they are a…something something.) But when Cuddy waltzed in to House’s bathroom, all unglamorous and candid, it knocked me out. Oh, right. I love this show. Sure, her helping him to his feet was a bit heavy-handed, and I worried that we were in for a hallucination redux. None of those reservations could compete, though, with an overwhelming feeling of finally. Why was this episode so different from most other episodes? Because it was the one where things finally — finally! — had to change. I’ve waffled on rooting for Huddy — I was con, then pro, then just too annoyed with it to bother — but I’m glad House is finally giving that a chance.

What about you, PopWatchers? Are you glad to see these two finally get together? (And yes, it’s for real.) Did you like the finale, or were you hoping for more Taub?

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