Michael Slezak
May 21, 2010 AT 04:54 PM EDT

Image Credit: Chris PolkThanks to my good friend D.V. Arrrgh, I rarely watch commercials anymore. But there are two advertisements in current rotation that I find totally irresistible — so much so that I will actually hit the rewind button (in the middle of my ad-break ff-ing) to ensure I don’t miss ’em: Friskies’ “Feed the Senses” and General Mills’ “Dog Show.” Internally, I have a running debate about which one is more awesome. Here at PopWatch, I am leaving it up to you to decide. Watch ’em both, then take the poll, after the jump:

Friskies’ “Feed the Senses”: Tawny kitten embarks on a journey through a delectable dreamscape, where turkeys, fish, baby chicks, and even eggs dance (dance!) for his pleasure. (Do these various future foodstuffs not realize that Tabby will soon be feasting on their entrails?) A “journey to delicious and beyond”? Yes, please, I want to go to there!

General Mills’ “Dog Show”: Proud Poodle owner emblazons her beast with the check-mark logo of General Mills cereals — the writer’s subtle nod to Samantha’s lightning-bolt grooming in Sex and the City, perhaps? — and is rewarded for her lunacy/audacity. The blue ribbon was never in doubt!

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