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Goldfrapp's 'Alive' video: Let's get metal-physical!

In the new music/workout video for “Alive,” U.K. dance duo Goldfrapp’s second single from recent fifth album Head First, Alison Goldfrapp leads a motley crew of obedient goths and ’80s-leotard enthusiasts in a mild aerobics routine.

That casting call between the storefronts of Hot Topic and American Apparel sure was a success! Alison doesn’t exactly do the moves herself – her job is to stand up there, pose, and rule – but somehow they all know what to do, because Alison Goldfrapp is magic. It’d be a huge spoiler to mention what happens starting at 2:18, so I’ll just say….Et tu, Goldfrapp?

Head First’s “I Wanna Life” would make a good part 2 of this mild ’80s workout, followed by the ultimate cooldown, “Voicething.” Also, I demand a video for my favorite song on the album, “Dreaming.” That one should have nothing to do with exercise. Thanks.

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