Kate Ward
May 21, 2010 AT 10:10 PM EDT

Image Credit: ABCThank the good folks over at Vulture for this one: A video featuring every shirtless male moment from Lost. And there are a lot of them — remember, this is a hot, steamy island, folks! I still hold firm in my belief that shirtless swimming Sawyer is still not nearly as sexy as shirt- and glasses-wearing reading Sawyer. (And it’s still hard to believe watching the video that Charlie’s diaper commercial scene was not played for laughs, and was actually a pretty depressing moment in the series.) Related: Nerve has ranked the sexiest male and female Lost characters. (Poor Leslie Arzt.) I feel Keamy should have placed higher than No. 17, because the bad boy thing — okay, more like psychopathic boy thing — totally works for him. And me. What?

Also related: Lost re-enacted by cats. (Embedded below.) Because cats make everything better. Who knew Hurley was played by Professor Happycat?

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