Clark Collis
May 21, 2010 AT 04:49 PM EDT

Regular Popwatch readers will know that we’re fairly obsessed with the so-bad-it’s-hilarious cult classic, The Room. And we’re not the only ones. The movie’s famous fans include the team behind the MacGruber movie, which is out today and, according to director Jorma Taccone, tips a hat to Tommy Wiseau’s bizarro film on not one but two occasions.

“There’s two references in MacGruber to The Room,” says Taccone. “There’s some dialogue — ‘Is he dead? Yes, yes, he’s dead!’ — which is from the end of The Room. And then we also put in a four poster bed with a canopy, because that’s in the film as well.”

The Room was definitely an influence on us,” says MacGruber star and Saturday Night Live comedian Will Forte. “That movie is incredible. I haven’t gotten a chance to meet Tommy Wiseau yet. But I would love to. He seems like a very interesting guy.”

As someone who has had the pleasure of meeting Mr Wiseau, I can confirm that he is indeed, “a very interesting guy.” And one who is now a step closer to total world domination thanks to Taccone and Forte. Are you going to watch the MacGruber movie — or The Room — this weekend? You can check out the trailer for both after the jump.

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