Dan Snierson
May 22, 2010 AT 09:33 PM EDT

Image Credit: Mario Perez/ABC You’ve invested six years of your life into this twist-o-rama drama called Lost, and you’ve been brimming with excitement, anxiety, theories, and burning questions. Now, just one day away from the series finale, you’re on the verge of witnessing mystery resolution and learning How It All Ends. But before you do, ponder this hypothetical question: What is that experience worth to you? Can you actually put a price on your curiosity? How much of your hard-earned (or inherited) dough would you be willing to part with to see the last episode of Lost — if that were the only way to see it?

In this scenario, let’s imagine that you’re not so angry that you’ve gotten to see every other episode for free, you would refuse to pay for it on principle. Your viewing experience could be in a movie theater or in your own home — in the words of a certain Island god, you have a choice. Because you’re paying, you do not have to suffer through commerical interruptions. And remember, this will be the only chance you’ll ever have to see it. No waiting for it to come out on DVD a few months later.

I posed this rather ridiculous question to a few of my EW colleagues. Doc Jensen said that he’d shell out $10,000 “as long as I could expense it.” Jason Averett claimed that he’d pony up a non-expensable $250. Dalton Ross insisted that he’d spend only $19.99. (Still, he pointed out that $19.99 “would be the most that I have ever paid to see any movie or TV show.”) As for me? Deeeeeeeeep exhale of consideration…. I know I’m in too deep to let a few Andrew Jacksons stand in the way of ultimate knowledge…. Calculating…. Calculating…. Oh, of course: It has to be… $108! (Now, what if there were an a la carte system, in which you could pay a smaller amount to get an answer to a specific mystery? Yeah, you’re right — too complicated.)

All right, PopWatchers, quickly pore over your financial records and then ask yourself: What is this finale experience worth to you in dollars?

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