Archana Ram
May 22, 2010 AT 06:27 PM EDT

The first Sex and the City movie was pretty grim, what with all the breakups, the cheating, and Charlotte’s gross indigestion scene, but one of the film’s lightest and happiest moments was the throwback scene when Carrie did a little fashion show in her original apartment, wearing some good, bad, and ugly retro fashion, along with the iconic tutu from the show’s opening title sequence.

That closet holds so many memories for fans of the show — from Carrie dancing in tighty-whities to our heroine making Aidan swear on her Chanel dress. And now, we get to actually step inside it (only virtually, unfortunately) courtesy of the sequel’s website, which dedicates a whole section to Ms. Bradshaw’s couture temple.

You can browse and click through various parts of the closet to find clothes and accessories worn by Carrie, along with the rest of the girls, in the upcoming film. Once you click on the wardrobe mannequin icon, you’ll get all the info on the character’s exact items, along with similar, more price-friendly looks for those of us who don’t have hundreds to spend on Christian Louboutins.

What do you guys think of the virtual tour? Does anyone wish it had been made ages ago (as in during the series), like me?

Photo: Craig Blankenhorn

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