Michael Ausiello
May 25, 2010 AT 08:26 PM EDT

Image Credit: Mitchell Haaseth/NBC; Mario Perez/ABC; Mitch Haddad/ABC; Paul Drinkwater/NBC; Patrick Ecclesine/FoxGood news, Emmy voters: Help has arrived. Again.

The arduous process of selecting this year’s nominations begins next week (finalists are announced on July 8), and as has become an annual tradition, I’ve singled out who (and what) I think is most deserving of kudos so you don’t have to. Beginning today and continuing until Friday, I’ll be unveiling my picks in all the major categories. Do me a favor — heck, do us all a favor — and consult these handy cheat sheets when the official ballot drops next week. Pretty please?

First up: Supporting actor and actress in a comedy…

Best Supporting Actress (Comedy)

* Julie Bowen (Modern Family): Hats off to the straight (wo)man who gives every line a twist.

* Alison Brie (Community): She deserves an Emmy for the pepper spray scene alone.

* Jenna Fischer (The Office): She rocked the wedding. She aced the delivery. And she absolutely killed in “Murder.”

* Jane Lynch (Glee): You think earning an Emmy’s hard? Try not picturing her taking the prize.

* Busy Philipps (Cougar Town): Her comic timing is so good, it could be its own exhibit at the Museum of Awesome Freakin’ Acting.

* Sofia Vergara (Modern Family): She had us at the accent. She had us in stitches with the way she wields it.

Best Supporting Actor (Comedy)

* Ty Burrell (Modern Family): We’re not gonna tell the Academy why he deserves a statuette. Let’s leave ’em clueless…

* John Krasinski (The Office): Go back and rewatch his face during the scene in which Pam gets breastfeeding tips from her male nurse.

* Nick Offerman (Parks and Recreation): The key to amazing deadpan line readings? Apparently, an amazing mustache.

* Danny Pudi (Community): He’s made Abed part freak, part geek, and totally unique. Cut! Print!

* Eric Stonestreet (Modern Family): Plays gay more convincingly than most gay men.

* Michael Urie (Ugly Betty): As Marc nudged Justin out of the closet, a hardcore thespian emerged.

Agree/disagree with my picks? Consider the comments section below your own personal Dream Emmy Ballot.

Coming up tomorrow: Supporting actor and actress in a drama.

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