Keith Staskiewicz
May 25, 2010 AT 07:58 PM EDT

For a novel about a virus that turns human beings into bloodthirsty creatures, it’s hardly surprising that the publicity campaign is, well, viral. The publishers of Justin Cronin’s much-hyped, including by Stephen King (who knows his post-apocalyptic epics), book The Passage are employing techniques more akin to marketing for movies like Cloverfield and District 9 than traditional summer reads. For example, this website is packed with videos and fake blog posts detailing the beginning of the end.

And now, EW has an exclusive sneak peek at a new video. Shaky handycam footage straight out of The Blair Witch Project shows us what happens when you get out of the car to help somebody in Utah. It’s suitably unsettling and creepy, which I hope the book will be once it comes out on June 8. Enjoy!

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