Jeff Labrecque
May 26, 2010 AT 01:46 PM EDT

Celebrity Apprentice winner and medical marvel Bret Michaels visited Jay Leno last night, and the former Poison frontman speculated what may have caused the brain hemorrhage that almost killed him: Busty Cops 3. Apparently, Michaels was channel-surfing between ESPN and porn in April when he “felt like he’d been shot in the back of the head.”

But when Leno cued up a clip of the blue movie, Michaels watched without any visible pain or discomfort, presumably clearing BC3 from suspicion. In my mind, that leaves the nasally delivery of ESPN pipsqueak John Clayton as the prime suspect in the still-unsolved Michaels brain hemorrhage case. Or more likely, the brain simply was not meant to shift gears and process a Kobe Bryant three-pointer followed by a poorly lit menage a trois.

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