Dalton Ross
May 28, 2010 AT 04:00 AM EDT

After a month of serious medical setbacks, Bret Michaels, the 47-year-old Poison frontman, had reason to celebrate last week when he won The Celebrity Apprentice. The next day, he talked to EW about his health, his upcoming tour, and mopping floors.

I heard Trump say those magic words: ”You’re hired!” My question is, hired to do what?
I should have asked! In my medicated state, I forgot to ask, ”What does that entail?” They’ll have me down in the mailroom, like, mopping.

You’re playing a gig this weekend and are supposed to hit the road with Lynyrd Skynyrd on June 10. Can you really handle that?
Mentally, yes. Physically, I just don’t know yet.

Speaking of being on the road, with all your recent health emergencies, have doctors cautioned you at all against performing your patented Tour Bus Thrust?
I said, Listen, I’m running out of organs. But at least that organ’s still good! They said just be careful the way you handle the Tour Bus Thrust.

You’ve grown even closer to your girlfriend, Kristi Gibson, through all of this. What does that mean for the Rock of Love franchise?
I loved doing it, but after the third one, I was ready for a break. If Kristi and I can’t work things out, and a year or two from now that’s where it goes, then, awesome.

How much of your medical issues will we see on your new VH1 show Life as I Know It?
As we were shooting, I got sick, so we stopped filming for now and we’ll shoot when I’m better. Some may say my medical problems are great TV. Not for me, it isn’t. For ratings maybe, but not for my soul. I don’t want three episodes of me going to get an MRI.

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