Mandi Bierly
May 28, 2010 AT 03:49 PM EDT

Last night, Bachelorette host Chris Harrison took the theory that he’d articulated in his weekly blog — “‘Shooter’ is just not the kind of nickname a woman is going to find cute or endearing” — to Jimmy Kimmel. Watch the clip below. While I agree that “Shooter” shouldn’t have shared the anecdote about how he earned the nickname moments after meeting Bachelorette Ali — on national TV — since it involved premature ejaculation, I do believe “Shooter” itself can be a turn on. Maybe it’s because I’m a Shooter Jennings fan, or because I’m all about Timothy Olyphant on Justified, but I think the nickname can be sexy on the right man. And as for “cute or endearing,” what if he’s called “Shooter” because he used to pretend he was Butch Cassidy when he was young and was a great shot with a water gun, or hit nothing but net playing high school basketball?

Am I wrong, ladies?

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