Annie Barrett
May 28, 2010 AT 04:50 PM EDT

Does anyone else just…kinda not like Will Schuester? Kate Ward and I discovered the other day that we both love Glee but cringe whenever “Schue” pops up — especially if he’s delivering an “assignment” to his underlings, talking to Emma, or pre-, post-, (or worst of all) mid-rap. And that hair! And his nickname is “Schue!” We just can’t. Maybe our allegiance to Sue Sylvester is to blame for our non-tolerance, or maybe Will Schuester is just lame.

Anyway, Matthew Morrison was on The Tonight Show last night discussing his shirtless photo shoot for Vogue and getting called a “lame-ass” by Jay Leno because he wanted to greet President Obama in his native tongue. Watch the video below, but be sure to vote first. Happy Friday!

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