Annie Barrett
June 01, 2010 AT 07:26 PM EDT

Image Credit: Benassi/Splash NewsI’m not really sure why I love this photo of Heidi Klum celebrating her 37th birthday at Disneyland so much. Is it because the zebra patterns of her top and purse are doing their best to wildly contradict her face’s desire to portray a tiger? Is it because she’s just about the most serene-looking tiger or zebra with orange eyes I’ve ever seen? Is it the thumbs up? I’m sure it’s all of the above. This image is exactly what I would have wanted to see in during the “scary animal section” of a live-action children’s movie when I was younger. Tiger Heidi and her L’Oréal Endless Kissable horse would fit right into the mid-’80s, and yet they’d simultaneously be giving me a glimpse of what to expect from the world in 25 years. All that’s missing is Tim Gunn in the background, done up like a pirate.

Who’s fiercer: Heidi Klum as a tiger or Tyra Banks with zero face paint?

Oh, and I’ll just say “slow news day” here so you don’t have to.

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