Jeff Labrecque
June 02, 2010 AT 03:41 PM EDT

Image Credit: Bill Records/NBCClear-eyed, full-hearted fans of Friday Night Lights have learned the face of pure evil, and its name is Joe McCoy. Played by actor D.W. Moffett, the wealthy father of the obnoxious star quarterback at West Dillon High is the biggest Texas villain since J.R. Ewing. He engineered Coach Taylor’s dismissal from the Panthers. He usurped Buddy as the head of the boosters. He’s even got his sights set on retribution against Tami. Ugly stuff. But it’s the gleeful way that he does his Machiavellian deeds that has me hurling nonsensicals at the TV screen before I can even put a dent in my Friday-night box-o-wine. His smug smile. His mirrored shades. I loathe him. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to separate the actor from the character. Moffett could go on to play Albert Schweitzer in some movie, and I’d curse his character through gritted teeth. (Reverence for life, my a–!)

I trust the warm-and-fuzzy folks behind Friday Night Lights to serve McCoy his proper comeuppance (NO SPOILERS, DIRECTV CROWD!), but I don’t expect any peace until I see his glasses broken and his son in a sling.

Where does McCoy rank in the pantheon of TV villains? Who are the other characters currently on TV you love to hate?

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