Jeff Labrecque
June 02, 2010 AT 04:16 PM EDT

Image Credit: Craig BlankenhornWith Sex and the City 2‘s poor showing at the box-office and the quote-unquote underwhelming performance of Shrek Forever After, some pundits are already asking, Are Moviegoers Tiring of Sequels? If so, Hollywood could be in for a rough summer, since the slate is full of them, like Twilight: Eclipse, and reboots, like The Karate Kid. Certainly, there’s a part of me that would welcome the demise of rehashed hokum, but for every 25 Ernest Saves Christmases, there’s always the hope for one The Dark Knight.

As for the beancounters’ fears that movie audiences have wised up and graduated to more original material, I say: Relax. There’s nothing really to indicate that as a trend. Iron Man 2 opened even bigger than the original, and six of 2009’s Top-10 hits were sequels or reboots. On the other hand, the girls from Sex and the City have been around since 1998, and the most recent incarnation was universally reviled by critics. Shrek‘s not exactly fresh anymore either (though Forever After is still bound to make $250 million or so). Maybe moviegoers are simply tired of tired sequels, as they always have been. (See: Batman & Robin, Ocean’s 12, Beverly Hills Cop III). For better and worse, sequels are here to stay.

…unless Eclipse crashes and burns at the box-office. Then all bets are off.

Can we agree that sequels do not need to be placed on the endangered species list? How many of the summer films you can’t wait to see are sequels or reboots?

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