Kate Ward
June 03, 2010 AT 09:48 PM EDT

  • Sigourney Weaver is the latest to join the cast of Taylor Lautner’s Abduction. The actress will play a psychiatrist who helps Lautner’s character understand what exactly happened during that Avatar sex scene. [Variety]
  • It’s a-go! A anime-style re-imagination of ThunderCats will premiere on Cartoon Network next year. [The Wrap]
  • Sam Mendes will direct a London stage version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, set to premiere 2011. All proceeds from the show will go to whoever they hire to fix the roof after each performance’s glass elevator scene. [Deadline]
  • Ashley Judd will play opposite Patrick Dempsey in the bank heist comedy Flypaper. Does this mean she needs a “Mc” nickname now too? [Variety]
  • WWE champion Chris Jericho will host ABC’s game show Downfall, which forces contestants to answer questions while on top of a high-rise in L.A. My guess is one of those questions isn’t, “Do you want to get down?” [THR]
  • Save the Last Dance director Thomas Carter will helm teen dance flick Dream On, which follows a 17-year-old who becomes a hip-hop dancer after an injury kills her chances at becoming an Olympic gymnast. I have a feeling this somehow caused the injury. [THR]

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