Annie Barrett
June 04, 2010 AT 04:06 PM EDT

“You, uh, slide the stories under the door?” On last night’s Daily Show, Olivia Munn attempted to report on the plight of Vietnamese fishermen in the Gulf of Mexico in her very first Daily Show segment as Senior Asian Correspondent. But Jon Stewart’s merry band of special, deranged correspondents thwarted our favorite Attack of the Show co-host and the whole gang ended up having a Race Jokes Sunset Party. The best kind! “I’m not here to replace anyone,” Munn assured her detractors and the audience. “I’m not the new always-pregnant lady [Samantha Bee], I’m not the creepy guy that smells like Bacardi and corn dogs [Jason Jones], and no one’s forgetting about (hushed tone) the blacks [Wyatt Cenac in the middle and Larry Wilmore, who stayed away].” Half of Aasif Mandvi (or sometimes just his disembodied head) also felt threatened, because he’s so Asian, he’s ninja. 

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