Annie Barrett
June 04, 2010 AT 09:13 PM EDT

Image Credit: Alex Wong/Getty Images

You know what’s hotter than the disgusting air outside? Watching the 2010 Scripps National Spelling Bee indoors. Live coverage of the final championship rounds begins at 8 p.m. ET on ABC. Dancing With the Stars finalist Erin Andrews and esteemed blogger Chris Harrison are hosting. I don’t usually like anything to interrupt the steady stream of terrified-kid-face closeups, but I personally wouldn’t mind if those two busted out an impromptu cha cha cha to ease the tension or, more likely, freak everyone out even further.

If you tune in, discuss the Bee in the comments below! And if you miss it, just go rent Spellbound on DVD. My money’s on Striped Shirt up above. He looks dazed and confused, but I bet it’s just a decoy and that he’ll snap out of it and B-E-E A-G-G-R-E-S-S-I-V-E.

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