Michael Slezak
June 06, 2010 AT 03:54 PM EDT

Image Credit: Adam Larkey/ABCTrue confession time: I have a pop-culture blind spot when it comes to Kate Gosselin. Other than watching her “Paparazzi” routine this past season on Dancing With the Stars — I tuned in just so I’d have a better understanding of my pal Annie Barrett’s episode recaps — I’ve managed to cocoon myself from experiencing this polarizing “celebrity.” Never tuned in to Jon & Kate Plus 8. Never watched her being interviewed by [insert favorite morning show/news magazine here]. Saw her mug expressing a variety of emotions (rage, sadness, ennui) on the covers of so many magazines, but can’t say it gave me any insight into what in the heck she was doing on said covers in the first place. And so, with Kate Plus 8 (AKA Nobody Wants to See That Jon Dood on the TV Anymore) premiering tonight, I’ve got to ask those of you who love her/love to hate her: What is the fascination with Kate Gosselin? Why, of all the women in the world who’ve had lots and lots of babies, is she a household name? And, given the sometimes short shelf-life of pre-fab celebs, how much longer am I going to have to keep ignoring her? I ask this in all seriousness. Let loose in the comments below.

Bonus question: How many of her eight children can you name? Go ahead, send me into the emotional fetal position.

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